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Persian Gulf University (PGU) can play a major role in promoting the scientific, technical and social level of the province of Bushehr and our country Iran. Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering (FPGPE) has the ability to play a significant role in this growth and prosperity. The presence of qualified academic staff who have led to the education of efficient and educated graduates with a high spiritual level of service and striving for the progress of our country as well as our region has been one of the hallmarks of the faculty. Faculty's outcomes are not only at the national level but also international level and leading to officially higher education in several areas of study.

FPGPE offers courses and programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in two fields of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. Considering the research groups, the active groups are as follow: gas condensate research group, energy and environment research group, gas absorption and gas hydrate research group, sustainable membrane technology research group and catalyst research group.

FPGPE play an important role in solving the problems arisen from the province industries and is currently carrying out some projects at the national level. Performing the provincial and national projects and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students' projects and dissertations as inter-university cooperation form the core of our activities. In order to solve the problems of the oil and gas industry FPGPE is constantly developing and facilitating research and technological cooperation with universities. To promote the academic status of the university and FPGPE on an international level FPGPE is the pioneer faculty to sign memorandums of understanding or agreements for academic cooperation with the University of Leoben, Austria and University Technology Malaysia (UTM).

Persian Gulf University's vision is to achieve an outstanding reputation in science and technology, to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and active in the international academic community, to be in the lead in energy and marine studies and to be an expert authority in the field of Persian Gulf studies. The faculty has prepared a strategic plan for the future periods of five and ten years to improve its  quantitative and qualitative research indices in order to take firm steps to promote the country progress in a more stable and sustainable manner. The faculty is also completing and developing its advanced central research laboratory. It should be noted that, the advanced central research laboratory possessing highly equipped and accurate instruments is currently giving service to not only in-house departments, but also external departments including the other industries and universities. FPGPE is highly pleased to provide an active and friendly atmosphere for the growth of our youth in order to generate the committed and professional persons for the improvement of the society.



FPGPE is located on the northern side of PGU main campus, exhibits the most important state university which is dealing with scientific, educational and research activities in Bushehr Province.  Our mission is to educate the students professionally in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical engineering and the related areas, who are eventually the required operators and engineers of the oil and gas industries primarily located in the province. The construction of this faculty began with a foundation of ​​8000 square meters based on an area of 5700 square meters in 2003, which then it was increased to 12,000 square meter. FPGPE has a longevity of at least 400 years. The complex has been fully engineered and has been funded by the National Iranian Gas Company and the National Iranian Petrochemical Company with a budget of 183 billion Rials.


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Program offered in FPGPE

Table1:Currently, the faculty offers the following programs 

 Table2: An overview of the statistics of current students and previous students at FPGPE


We believe that, with the establishment and development of the fields related to the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries, the faculty can complete its education and research ring. Therefore, the prospective programs are predicted:


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