Teaching and Research Laboratories and Instruments



Teaching laboratories are normally used for FPGPE undergraduate program laboratory courses. FPGPE undergraduate students must complete/pass all the laboratory courses designated for each undergraduate programs prior to graduation. Laboratory courses for undergraduate programs at FPGPE are divided into three categories. There are the basic engineering lab courses, core laboratory courses and specialized laboratory courses.

Research laboratories are laboratory spaces provided to FPGPE academicians to conduct their research projects. In general, most of FPGPE research projects are led by FPGPE academic staff (i.e. as project leader) and carried out through collaboration with FPGPE postgraduate students. Research laboratories in FPGPE are formulated to facilitate research areas in Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology displines. A complete list of the Labratories stablished in FPGPE can be found in Tables 6 and 7 as follow.

Table 6:Teaching Labs in FPGPE

Table7:Research Labs in FPGPE


*Teaching Instrument

A list of the majority of the FPGPE teaching instrument is exhibitrd in Table 8.


Table 8:Teaching Lab Instruments in FPGPE


*Research Instruments


The following word file contains a detaile of the research lab instrumnets in FPGPE.



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