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Firooz Tabkhi

Firooz Tabkhi

Assistant Professor of Petrochemical Engineering


Contact Details

Department of Petrochemical Engineering

Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering

Persian Gulf University

Bushehr 75169-13817


Persoanl Page: http://en.pgu.ac.ir/page/shirzadi

Telephone: (+98) 77 33 44 24 00

                  Fax:           (+98) 77 33 44 14 95

Email:        tabkhi@pgu.ac.ir

Persoanl Page: http://en.pgu.ac.ir/page/tabkhi



PhD in Process and environment engineering from INP de Toulouse, France

Subject of research: Optimization of gas transmission pipeline networks

Research group: LGC de Toulouse, France

May 2004 to December 2007


  MSc in Chemical Engineering from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Thesis Title: Hexamine industrial crystallization in an MSMPR crystallizer

October 1998 to May 2001


BSc in Chemical Engineering / Refinery Industries from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

October 1994 to September 1998


Work Experience

:Teaching the following courses at Persian Gulf University since 2007

              Fluid Mechanics

            Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

             Two Phase Flow

           Chemical Engineering Mathematics

              Gas Transmission and Distribution

-              Petrochemical Processes

           Industrial Crystallization


Process engineer, Urea-Ammonia plant design, Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Compa

Shiraz, Iran, 2002

Design, fabrication and installation of a DTB evaporating crystallizer, Shiraz University, 2001-2002

Laboratory of Hexamine production plant, Sina Chemical Industries Company, Shiraz, Iran, 2000

Industrial production of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate by Solvay process, Shiraz Petrochemical Complex, Iran, 1998

Pump and heat exchanger design, Shiraz University, Iran, 1998


Language Proficiency

In addition to Persian (my mother tongue), I know enough French for conversation purposes, thanks to training courses and living in France for four years. I also use English for professional purposes and international communication and I know some Arabic, which is good for reading and understanding religious texts


Computer Software Knowledge

GAMS, MATLAB and Simulink, C language, QuickBASIC, MathCAD, AutoCAD, Prosim, Microsoft Office, TableCurve



Conference Papers

Baghmolai, M. M., Tabkhi, F. and Sargolzaei, J., Estimation of Exergy Destruction in Compression Unit Boosting Pipeline Gas Pressure, The 9th International Energy Conference, 20-21 February 2013, Tehran, Iran

Azzaro-Pantel, C., Domenech, S., Pibouleau, L. and Tabkhi, F. Towards a hydrogen supply chain: a mathematical evaluation framework of natural gas pipelines use for hydrogen delivery, 2nd International Congress on Green Process Engineering, 2nd European Process Intensification Conference, 14-17 June 2009, Venice, Italy

Tabkhi, F., C. Azzaro-Pantel, L. Pibouleau, S. Domenech, Modelling of gas pipeline networks: impact of hydrogen injection in natural gas infrastructures, 11th Congress of the SFGP (French Society of Process engineering), 9-11 October 2007, Saint-Etienne, France. (Published in: Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, 96-2007 ISBN 2-910239-70-5, SFGP, Paris, France)

Tabkhi, F., C. Azzaro-Pantel, L. Pibouleau, S. Domenech, Optimisation de réseaux de transport de gaz naturel, 6th SIMO Conference (Systems of Information, Modelization and Optimization), 11-12 October 2006, Toulouse, France

Alamdari, A. and F. Tabkhi, Kinetics of Hexamine Crystallization in Industrial Scale, 15th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization,15-18 September 2002, Sorrento, Italy. (Published in: Chemical Engineering Transactions, 2002, Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica, Volume 1, pages 1395-1400, ISBN 88-900775-0-6)


Journal Papers

Mohamadi-Baghmolaei M., J. Sargolzaei and F. Tabkhi, Operation Analysis of Rotary Tools of Compressor Station Using Exergy Approach, International Journal of Engineering, Transactions C: Aspects, December 2014, Volume 27, Number 12, Pages 1815-1822, ISSN 1025-2495

Mohamadi-Baghmolaei M., F. Tabkhi and J. Sargolzaei, Exergetic Approach to Investigate the Arrangement of Compressors of a Pipeline Boosting Station, Energy Technology, August 2014, Volume 2, Issue 8, Pages 732-741, ISSN 2194-4296

MohamadiBaghmolaei M., M. Mahmoudy, D. Jafari, R. MohamadiBaghmolaei and F. Tabkhi, Assessing and optimization of pipeline system performance using intelligent systems, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, May 2014, Volume 18, Pages 64-76, ISSN 1875-5100

Tabkhi F., L. Pibouleau, G. Hernandez-Rodriguez, C. Azzaro-Pantel and S. Domenech,  Improving the performance of natural gas pipeline networks, fuel consumption minimization problems, American Institute of Chemical Engineering Journal, April 2010, Volume 56, Issue 4, Pages: 946-964, ISSN 0001-1541

Tabkhi, F., L. Pibouleau, C. Azzaro-Pantel, and S. Domenech, Total Cost Minimization of a High-Pressure Natural Gas Network, Journal of Energy Resources Technology, December 2009, Volume 131, Issue 4, Pages 043002-040013, ISSN 0195-0738

Tabkhi F., C. Azzaro-Pantel, L. Pibouleau and S. Domenech, A mathematical framework for modelling and evaluating natural gas pipeline networks under hydrogen injection, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, November 2008, Volume 33, Pages 6222-6231, ISSN 0360-3199

Alamdari A. and F. Tabkhi, Kinetics of Hexamine Crystallization in Industrial Scale, Chemical Engineering and Processing, July 2004, Volume 43, Issue 7, Pages 803-810, ISSN 0255-2701


Theses, supervised or under supervision

             Adsorption of heavy metals  by modified  montmorillonite

             Investigation on the modeling of the kinetics of gas hydrate crystallization

             Modeling and simulation of hydrogen production in thermally coupled reactors by using  dry reforming of methane reaction

             Optimization of the operation of a natural gas boosting station considering energy saving

             Two phase flow in a bubble column of aerated acetic acid

             Acid gas elimination using the stream dispersion within a basic solution column

            Experimental study of the convection heat transfer in an air-nanofluid multiphase flow

            Investigation on side-product minimization in ethylene dimerization process

              Gas holdup prediction in a two-phase stirred vessel





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