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Abbas Dashtimanesh

Abbas Dashtimanesh

Assistant Professor of Marine Hydrodynamics


Contact Details:

Department of Marine Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering,

Persian Gulf University,

Bushehr 7516913817


Email: a.dashtimanesh[at ]pgu.ac.ir

Persoanl Page: http://en.pgu.ac.ir/page/dashtimanesh



•  BSc in Naval Architecture, Persian Gulf University, 2006.

•  MSc in Naval Architecture (Marine Hydrodynamics), Amirkabir University of Technology, 2009.

•  PhD in Naval Architecture (Marine Hydrodynamics), Amirkabir University of Technology, 2013.


Research Interests:

High Speed Crafts

Hydrodynamic Design of Planing Hulls

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles

Marine Renewable Energy

Numerical Methods in Marine Hydrodynamics


Selected Publications in Journals and Conferences:

1.            P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, M. Farsi, S. Najafi, Investigation of Free Surface Flow Generated by a Planing Flat Plate Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method and Flow3D Simulations, Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, 227(2) 125–135, 2013. (ISI)

2.            A. Dashtimanesh, P. Ghadimi, A Three Dimensional SPH Model for Detail Study of Free Surface Deformation Just Behind a Rectangular Planing Hull, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Vol. 35, Issue. 4, pp:369:380, 2013. (ISI)

3.            P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh and H. Hosseinzadeh, Solution of Poisson's Equation by Analytical Boundary Element Integration, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 217, 152–163, 2010. (ISI)

4.            P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, Solution of 2D Navier-Stokes Equation by Coupled Finite Difference-Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Method, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 35, Issue 5, 2110–2121, 2011. (ISI)

5.            P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, R. Djeddi, Study of water entry of circular cylinder by using analytical and numerical solution, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Vol. XXXIV, No. 3, 225-237, 2012. (ISI)

6.            P. Ghadimi, M. Farsi, A. Dashtimanesh, Study of Various Numerical Aspects of 3D-SPH for simulation of the Dam Break Problem, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Vol. XXXIV, No. 4, October-December 2012. (ISI)

7.            P. Ghadimi, M. Yousefi, A. Dashtimanesh, , Application of an iterative high order difference scheme along with an explicit system solver for solution of stream function-vorticity form of Navier-Stokes equations, Journal of Fluid Engineering, Vol. 135 / 041401, 2013. (ISI)

8.            A. Dashtimanesh, P. Ghadimi, SPS turbulent modeling of high speed transom stern flow, Brodogradnja, Vol. 65 (1), 1-16, 2014. (ISI)

9.            P. Ghadimi, S.R. Djeddi, M.H. Oloumiyazdi, A. Dashtimanesh, Simulation of Flow over a Confined Square Cylinder and Optimal Passive Control of Vortex Shedding Using a Detached Splitter Plate, Scientia Iranica (International Journal of Science and Technology), Vol. 22, Num. 1, pp: 175-186, 2014. (ISI)

10.         P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, R. Zamanian, M.A Feizi Chekab, S.H.R. Mirhosseini, Rooster Tail Depression by Originating a Modified Transom Stern Form Using a Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes Solver, Scientia Iranica (International Journal of Science and Technology), Vol. , Num. , pp:, 2015. (ISI)

11.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh, An Analytical Procedure for Time Doamin Simulation of Roll Motion of the Warped Planing Hulls, Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, Accepted, 2015. (ISI)

12.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh, R. Zamanian, Steady Performance Prediction of a Heeled Planing Boat in Calm Water Using Asymmetric 2D+T Model, Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, Accepted, 2016. (ISI)

13.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh, A Novel Theoretical Method for Predicting Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Planing Hulls Roll Motion, European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids, Accepted, 2016. (ISI)

14.         A. Dashtimanesh, P. Ghadimi, Simulation of Free Surface Flow by Using SPH Method and a Comparison Study on Two Different Smoothing Functions, International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research, Vol. 39, 2012. (Scopus)

15.         S. Tavakoli, P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, P. Sahoo, Determination of Hydrodynamic Coefficients in Roll Motion of High Speed Planing Hulls, FAST 2015: 13th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, Washington, USA, 2015. (Scopus)

16.         P. Ghadimi, A. Saadatkhah, A. Dashtimanesh, Analytical Solution of Wedge Water Entry by Using Schwartz-Christoffel Conformal Mapping, International Journal of Modeling,Simulation and Scientific Computing, Vol. 2 , NO.3 , 337-354 , 2011. (Scopus)

17.         P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, A. Feizi Chekab, A Numerical Investigation of the Water Impact of an Arbitrary Bow Section, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 19 (3), 186-195, 2013. (Scopus)

18.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A.Dashtimanesh, A. Pirooz, Developing a Computer Program for Detailed Study of Planing Hull’s Spray Based on Morabito’s Approach, Journal of Marine Science and Application, Vol. 13, pp: 402-415, 2014. (Scopus)

19.         P. Ghadimi, M.A.Feizi Chekab, A. Dashtimanesh, Numerical Simulation of Water Entry of Different Arbitrary Bow Sections, Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2014. (Scopus)

20.         P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, Initiating a Mathematical Model for Prediction of 6-DOF Motion of Planing Crafts in Regular Waves, International Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Vol. 2013, 2013. (Scopus)

21.         P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, Feizi Chekab, Introducing a New Flap Form to Reduce the Transom Waves Using a 3-D Numerical Analysis, Int. J. Computational Science and Engineering, Vol. X, No. Y, 201X.

22.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh, S.R. DJeddi, Mathematical modeling of longitudinal dynamic pressure  distribution on planing hulls, Global Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 1 (2) (2013) 53-65.

23.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh and S.R. Djeddi, "Three-Dimensional Mathematical Investigation of Dynamic and Hydrostatic Pressure Distributions on Planing Hulls”, Journal of Computational Engineering, vol. 2013, 2013.

24.         P. Ghadimi, S. Abtahi, A. Dashtimanesh, Numerical Simulation of Solitary Waves by SPH Method and Parametric Studies on the Effect of Wave Height to Water Depth Ratio, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Vol 1, No 4, 2012.

25.         P. Ghadimi, A. Dashtimanesh, S.R. DJeddi, Development of a Mathematical Model for Simultaneous Heave, Pitch and Roll Motions of Planing Vessel in Regular Waves, Research Journal of Computation and Mathematics, vol.1 No. 2, 44-56, 2013.

26.         P. Ghadimi, S. Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh, A mathematical Scheme for Calculation of Lift of Planing crafts with Large Mean Wetted Length and A Comparative Study of Effective Parameters, Universal Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 2, pp: 35-54, 2014.

27.         P. Ghadimi, A. Loni, H. Nowruzi, A. Dashtimanesh, S. Tavakoli, Parametric Study of the Effects of Trim Tabs on Running Trim and Resistance of Planing Hulls, Advance Shipping and Ocean Engineering, Vol. 3, Issue. 1, pp: 1-12, 2014.

28.         A. Dashtimanesh, P. Ghadimi, Considering artificial viscosity in a SPH model for  simulation of transom waves, International Journal of Physical Research, Vol. 1 (1), pp: 12-20 2013.

29.         P. Ghadimi, R. Shademani, R. Zamanian, A. Dashtimanesh, Assessment of Air Flow over an Equilateral Triangular Obstacle in a Horizontal Channel Using FVM, Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Applications. Vol. 1, No. 1, 12-16, 2013.


Publications in Farsi Journals:

30.         A. Dashtimanesh, P. Ghadimi, "Solution of Boundary Layer Equations by Thwaities-Walz and Finite Difference Methods", Iranian Journal of Marine Science And Technology, Vol. 52, 2010.

31.         P. Ghadimi, M. H. Oloumi Yazdi, A. Dashtimanesh , Numerical Simulation of the Incompressible Laminar Flow over a Square Cylinder", Iranian Journal of marine Science and Technology, Vol. 55, 2010.

32.         P. Ghadimi, S. Abtahi, A. Dashtimanesh, Numerical Simulation of Solitary Waves By Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method, Iranian Journal of Marine Science And Technology, Vol. 57, 2012.

33.         P. Ghadimi, S. M. Soleymannia, A. Dashtimanesh, A. Feyzichekab, Analytical solution of asymmetric wedge water impact problem, , Iranian Journal of Marine Science And Technology, Vol. 54, 2011.

34.         A. Dashtimanesh, A. Keshtkar, J. Abbasi, Conceptual Design of Two Stepped Planing Hull to Achieve 80 Knot in Persian Gulf Sea State Condition, Journal of High Speed Craft Engineering, No. 46, 2015.

35.         H. Abyn, A. Maimun, A. Dashtimanesh, A. Mahmoudi, Motion of Submersible in Regular Waves, 6th International Offshore Industries Conference, Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, 2015.



1.  Hydrodynamic of Planing Hulls, Publication of Amirkabir University of Technology, 2016.


Grants and Industrial Projects:

1.            Measurement of dynamics of high speed crafts.

2.            Development of a computer program for six degree of freedom analysis of planing craft dynamics by considering environmental conditions.

3.            Feasibility study on transom wave reduction for planing hulls.

4.            Evaluation of conceptual design and effective hydrodynamic parameters of planing hulls.

5.            Design and construction of an innovative wave energy convertor using oscillating plate and

 piezoelectric materials.

6.            Design and construction of adjustment mechanism for outboard engines in planing craft.


Supervised Theses:

1.            M. Gholizad, Development of A Novel Mathematical Model for Performance Prediction of Two Stepped

Planing Hulls, 2015.

2.            F. Roshan, Hydrodynamics Principles of Stepped Hulls, 2015.

3.            F.Sadeghi, Numerical Simulation of Stepped Planing Hulls, 2015.

4.            S. M. Masoudi, Evaluation of Shock and Vibration on Planing Hulls, 2015.

5.            A. Sfandiari, Numerical Simulation of Two Stepped Plannig Hulls in Calm Water and Regular Waves.

6.            R. Khosravani, Numerical Modeling of Stepped Planing Hulls in Asymmetric Conditions.

7.            S. Tavakoli, Development of A Mathematical Model for Coupled Heave, Pitch and Roll motion of Planing

Hulls based on Asymmetric Pressure Distribution, 2015.

8.            B. Barmala, Numerical Modeling of One and Two Stepped Planing Flat Plate, 2015.

9.            A.R. Kazemipour, A. Safarinezhad, Design and Construction of A Piezoelectric Marine renewable

Energy convertor, 2016.

10.         R. Mallahzadeh, H. Hatami, Design and Construction of A controllable Solar Boat, 2016.

11.         M. Monfared, Numerical Simulation of Pure Sway Motion of a Stepped Planing Hull, 2016.

12.         M. H. Rasti, Numerical Simulation of Ventilation Effects on Performance of Stepped Planing Hulls,


13.         R. Mallahzadeh, H. Hatami, Numerical Prediction of Tunnel Boat Performance in Calm Water, 2016.

14.         A. Kazemipour, Simulation of Self Propulsion Test of high speed Planing Hulls, 2016.

15.         H.Hatami, Numerical Simulation of Oblique Towing Test of Stepped Hulls, 2016.

16.         R. Mallahzadeh, Pure Yaw Motion Simulation of Stepped Hulls, 2016.04.09

17.         A. Safarinezhad, Maneuvering Simulation of Planing Hulls in Four Degrees of Freedom, 2016.

18.         A. Aminikhah, Numerical Simulation of Open Water Test for a Surface Piercing Propeller, 2016.


Courses Taught:

1.         Dynamics of Marine Vehicles

2.         Advance Hydrodynamics (Marine Hydrodynamics)

3.         Advance Mathematics

4.         Ship Maneuvering

5.         Fluid Mechanics

6.         Numerical Analysis

7.         Computer Programming

8.         Marine Engineering

9.         Marine Machinery

10.       High Speed Craft

11.       Technical Language

12.       Hydrodynamics

13.       Hydrostatics

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